Pirate Care @ Dopolavoro
2019-08-20 by pirate

Pirate Care researches, gathers & nourishes those care initiatives which are taking risks by operating in the narrow grey zones left open between different technologies, institutions and laws, inviting all to participate in a exploration of the mutual implications of care and technology that dare questioning the ideology of property, work and metrics.

Hosted by the cultural centre Drugo More, within the program Dopolavoro, Pirate Care will facilitate the following activities:

Starting September 2019: Pirate Care Reading Group

We have to consciously study how to be tender with each other until it becomes a habit. – Audre Lorde

A drop-in reading group (open to everyone) in Rijeka discussing examples of and texts on collective care practices, civil disobedience, custodianship and self-care as political self-defence. Newcomers are welcome to join at any point. If you would like to join the reading group mailing list please contact: info@pirate.care

November 2019: Pirate Care Syllabus Writing Retreat.

The syllabus is the manifesto of the twenty-first century. - HyperReadings.info

A meeting of practitioners, activists and researchers will be convened in Rijeka to create a collaborative online syllabus and share resources for political pedagogy.

September 2020: Pirate Care Summer Camp

Caring labour is aimed at maintaining or augmenting another person’s freedom. And the paradigmatic form of freedom is self-directed activity: play. - David Graeber

A summer camp comprising a variety of workshops and activities facilitated by practitioners, activists and researchers. We will activate the syllabus, read, play, relax, share and reflect together. The camp will be accompanied by a public program of events open to all and by an exhibition documenting our research and pedagogical explorations of pirate care.